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I know, I never update this page.  Now the banners and pop-ups are gone and I have actually gotten in updated.  Enjoy!

Diving links

Dive Reports

Books buy books here from!

NAUI I am a NAUI Dive master.

DAN  Divers Alert Network. 

Newport Diving Center of Newport, Rhode Island.

Freedom At Depth of Charleston, South Carolina.

Lynnhaven Diving Center of Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Other Links

My guestbook.

This is real, you collect a few points for reading a few e-mails a day, following a link and once every few months you trade in points to go out to eat or the movies or something.  Check it out, and I get 100 points if you join!
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My Goal

Okay, I have my website established for the purpose of scuba equipment reviews and dive reports.  Keep checking back, I will be getting them up.  Follow the adventures of the Scubabum as he travels the world with the United States Navy! 


If you have comments e-mail The Divemaster.



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